Annan Old Parish

Church of Scotland




MASKS – Must be worn in Church at all times unless exempt.   This includes for singing

VENTILATION – One side of the double inside doors both downstairs and upstairs to be open.    The outside doors must be open.    The heaters above the doors downstairs should be left on during the service.

TRACK AND TRACE is no longer required a the entrance to the Church.   Sanitiser should still be used.

COLLECTION will still be taken at the door.

SOCIAL DISTANCING should still be 1 metre, but it will be lef to members.   Members of the congregation should be mindful of the anxiety still felt by many.    Feel free to move to another seat if you are not comfortable.

The congregation can now stand up to sing.    Members can either stand or sit depending on what they are comfortable with.

The screens and signs on the floor about social distancing will be removed.   The screens could be reinstated if there was a large service.   Members are encouraged to still use the one way system.

The minister will keep the service the same at the present time.    Hymn books will still be left in the pews.

Order of Service and Intimation sheet will be prepared starting 6th February.   The sheets must either be taken home or put in the bin at the east door at the end of the Service.

The balcony will be opened on 13th February.

COMMUNION – Communion will be served the same way as last time.   The elements would be prepared by one person and given out at the door.

FUNERALS – It will no longer be necessary to have Track and Trace for funerals.    It will not be necessary to limit numbers attending funerals.

HALL – Track and Trace will still be required for groups who meet in the Hall and when teas and coffees are being served.

TEAS AND COFFEES AFTER THE SERVICE.     The kitchen will have to be cleaned and there are still some regulations about serving teas and coffees so it was suggested this be left and until first Sunday in March (6th March)