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Welcome!  Come and see us in our new home at 52 High Street, Annan!

As you will find out when you visit, all are welcome at Kate’s Kitchen.



Kate’s Kitchen operates like a cafe, where everyone is welcomed by our team of friendly volunteers, for a cuppa, a hot meal and a friendly chat.

However, we offer a lot more than that too!

 Our objectives are:


Where to find us:  Old Bank Building, 52 High Street, Annan

How much does it cost?  There is no charge but we are grateful for donations.





Kate’s Kitchen supports MacMillan Cancer Support ‘The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

in the Beacon, Bank Street – 29th September, from  10.30-11.30 a.m.   Entry £2.   Cake Stall.   Cakes  to sell would be gratefully received.      Everyone welcome.


Coffee Morning in Annan Old Parish Church Hall – 18th September 2015

On behalf of everyone at Kate’s Kitchen I would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone that came along to support Kate’s Kitchen at the coffee morning in Annan Old last Friday. It was a resounding success and an amazing £742 was raised towards the purchase of our new (2nd hand) cooker.  I am so grateful to all the friends of Kate’s Kitchen at Annan Old who organised the event for us, for all your hard work, and to everyone who baked the amazing cakes and supplied us with all the miscellaneous items to sell.  Your kindness, support and generosity is very much appreciated and having now taken delivery of the cooker we look forward to welcoming you all in to our new premises ……….. very soon!

Thank you!  Catherine Dale

Extract from:  Annandale and Eskdale Council for Voluntary Service Newsletter (Quarterly Spring 2013)Member’s Profile

Kates Kitchen celebrated its 5th birthday at the end of January and there are some exciting developments underway. Readers of the Dumfries & Galloway Life magazine will have seen we were awarded joint Community Project of the Year 2012 and twelve of our volunteers attended the award ceremony at the Easterbrook Hall in November. It was a wonderful day for all at Kate’s Kitchen!

When it first opened its doors it was to provide friendship and a hot, healthy meal to the homeless and needy folk of Annan. This didn’t mean the “sleeping on the street” homeless, but rather those who didn’t have a place to call their own; they are at risk of becoming homeless without help and support.

Kate’s Kitchen is not just a hot meal anymore – it is so much more than that. As it has grown, it has become apparent that there is a huge void in service provision for vulnerable people and that is how its role has developed; we plug that gap in service provision and act as a “hub” for the professional agencies. We have developed close links with them and can signpost people to the correct agency to help them. We have built up trust with our customers and act as advocates, often accompanying people to the GP, Job Centre, hospital appointments etc.

Several of our volunteers have been referred to us from the Job Centre and they are gaining valuable work experience and life skills. One of our most dedicated members is actually on Community Service – he is the second successful placement we have had from the Community Payback Scheme. We are very fond of him, and we have seen a huge difference in him since he became a member of the team. For the first time in his life he is doing something meaningful, he is appreciated, and his confidence and self esteem has grown.

Joint winners Community Project of the Year 2012

During the course of the last year it became apparent that my role as Manager was becoming an increasingly onerous one. We have grown so big – with up to 45 customers a day – it is almost a full time job! And so, just before Christmas, the Management Committee agreed to employ a part time Support Worker and Jackie O’Brien, who has volunteered with us since May 2011, started at the beginning of January, on a 6-month contract. Part of her remit is to find further funding so that we can employ more staff for example a Manager and Admin Assistant.

We are also in the process of applying to become a registered charity. Once registered, more funding sources will be available to us.

We can see the difference Kate’s Kitchen makes to the folk who come in, and there are lots of lovely success stories but too little space to mention them here. Volunteering at Kate’s Kitchen is so rewarding because you can see the fruits of your labour – unhappy faces come in but go out smiling – and there is a real buzz about the place. It can be challenging, but it is this kind of support that makes all the difference to people’s lives; a warm welcome, a kind word, a shoulder to lean on; just having someone who cares. They become part of a family that is Kates Kitchen.

My vision for the future!

First of all I need the Secret Millionaire to come in! Seriously though, we need our own premises. We could do so much more if we had a place of our own. At present we have to set up and pack away each day, and we only have a limited space for storage. We could open five or six days a week and provide so much more.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work ahead but it is a very exciting time for us all and I know that one day my dream for Kate’s Kitchen will be a reality. Until then, we’ll keep praying for that Secret Millionaire!

Catherine Dale