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  • Pentecost Celebrated

    “The Lord is here, His Spirit is with us! Oh come and celebrate with me.”
    These words are taken from the first song in Roger Jones Cantata “Saints Alive” which tells the story of the first Pentecost in words and song.
    The words spoken by the narrator are taken directly from the accounts in the book of the Acts of the Apostles and the upbeat musical settings of the songs truly enhances the story.
    On Pentecost Sunday the Singing Group sang the Cantata as our morning worship, not in the Church but in our Church Hall which was a more fitting setting to relate events which took place, not in any religious establishment but in an upper room and in the open air.
    Pentecost is the festival of the church which perhaps gets the least attention but it marks the birthday of the church when God gave his Holy Spirit to enable the few frightened Disciples to become the greatest force for good the world has ever known.
    This was reflected in the worship with hymns and prayers carefully chosen to enhance the story and bring it to life.
    The group were at their best and the atmosphere in the hall was described as electric as the story unfolded.
    The Cantata finishes with a setting of All People that on earth do dwell to Roger Jones wonderful upbeat tune and the congregation joined enthusiastically with the Group in joyful praise.
    Comments afterwards were all positive, “That was a real worship service”, “wonderful”, “we could do with more of this kind of thing”, “who said the church is dead or dying”
    It is good to be able to say that even during a vacancy the Church is alive and well and keeping worship exciting ready for the next ministry to begin.